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With a sense of responsibility and respect for the origins of coffee, QBS Coffee has carved out our spot in Australia coffee culture. Our beans are cared for with precision and expertise like few others. The products offered by QBS are amongst the highest quality coffee available on the market today, that’s why many coffee enthusiasts enjoy their beans via monthly subscriptions.
What stands out the most about QBS coffee is its approach to business. We believe each coffee carries human value their products reflect that sentiment. As a company, we strive for consistency, transparency, and social value.
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Our Story
QBS coffee begining a small, local owned roaster / café/ training school devoted to quality, and committed to staying way “our service is direct from our raster to your cup” since 2009, we will continue with our tradition.
Based in Brisbane Australia, endeavours to sustainably source and craft exceptional coffee. We love to collaborate with enthusiastic, satisfied customers while positively contributing to the health of local and global ecosystems. We do this through motivating, recognizing, and rewarding every part of the value network – viewing each of our business partners as valued team members. From origin to our roaster, into our cafés and training centre, it is human togetherness in every part of the process that makes the coffee we represent possible.
Let's bring specialty coffee accessible to more people by crafting exceptional quality coffee, with education intention, that inspires curiosity.
Founder, Owner
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